How GS1 works with Small Busines

Whether you are bringing your product to market for the first time or taking your company to the next level, see how GS1 KSA makes it easier to do business


GS1 KSA is helping smaller businesses with e-commerce.

The organization has expanded its product identification offering for small and micro businesses with the newly added category of a “Small/Medium Family Business” which has a minimum of 50 to 100 GTIN barcodes. Ideal for businesses that are launching a new product, the new identifier will provide a low-cost option to uniquely identify products and streamline the process for getting items ready for sale across retail and ecommerce channels

A GTIN is the unique product identifier encoded into a UPC barcode that's widely accepted by most retail systems. With a minimum registration cost of 500 SAR, a business can create a globally recognised GTIN, manage related product data and share the information with trading partners using GS1 Global Data Hub.

Additionally, a business that licenses an individual GTIN will automatically be included in the GS1 Global Registry, a database that many retailers and online marketplaces use to verify product identification and confirm product authenticity.

Since requirements can vary by retailer, small businesses should consult seller guidelines to understand which GS1 identification standards are needed to support electronic data exchange, shipping and other purposes.

To help small businesses make informed product identification decisions,

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